Our Process

How It Works

First we schedule a call to go over the accounting requirements for your business. We will then connect your financial institutions to our accounting software and create your company file (or review and make necessary adjustments to your existing company file).

We use Quickbooks for accounting and our proprietary programs to analyze your data. You do not need any special software. Our services include:

Online Bookkeeping

Financial Statement Preparation

Financial Planning

Audit Assistance

Budget Preparation

Job Costing

Cash Flow charting

We mark the dates that your statements are released and will have them updated in our system within 1-2 business days. Our smart algorithms process your transactions and our expert financial team reviews your account every month to ensure everything is perfect. This process is up to 40x faster than manual entry, and is up to 10x faster than linking e-statements.

No more hassle.

Our services allow you freedom to focus on what you love doing most — running and growing your business.